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Has the Economy Changed You?

April 18th, 2010 at 06:05 pm

This economy has made people rethink their priorities. People are now evaluating what is important in every area of their lives. Today, everyone knows someone or multiple people unemployed for the first time in their lives. With over 13.7 million people currently unemployed, no one knows who will be next. Individuals that never struggled or had a fear of losing what they worked their whole lives for, aren't sure how they can hold on to what they’ve got.

Foreclosures are at an all time high, and the numbers are increasing daily. Otherwise responsible people are walking away from their homes. Banks are so overwhelmed they are shirking their financial obligations, too. For the first time in countless people’s lives they now understand what use to be is no more, and that nothing is promised to last forever.

There is one bright spot in all of this economic mess. People are taking inventory of their lives, relationships, lifestyles, and money. For the first time some people are looking at their real needs and wants, and making sure their needs are actually met. The McMansions, leased luxury cars, and over priced restaurants are no longer a necessity, need, or want. Simpler, smaller, and sustainable is the new “in thing.” Working every hour for things that can disappear tomorrow are not so important.

Affordability, saving money, surviving daily, and trying to keep a balanced life has become high priority. People are going back to the basics of life. God, family, and then work is now important to many. Work is necessary to survive and live. God and family is what sustain us.

How has the economy changed you and your spending habits?