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What Can't You Live Without?

November 28th, 2009 at 03:31 pm

I use to love to talk on the phone and watch television. Of course that was before the Internet. Now, I could care less if I talk on the phone (if it isn't business related). We are strange, we do not have cable so we get zero channels on our TV. I could actually live without a phone and TV, but if I had to go without the Internet for just one day, OMG, no!

With the Internet, I get connected to people and they connect with me. I get all of my news both local and worldwide from the Internet. Of course, I get all my Hollywood gossip there too. The phone and television were previous distractions, but the Internet has to be apart of my life and I consider it a friend.

Plus, the Internet has saved me tons of money by researching and getting the best deals. It's a great place to check reviews, comparison shop, and get the best discounts and specials. I'm all about saving money. I find my recipes, restaurant reviews, vacation packages, pay my bills, do my banking, find my landscaper, plumber, electrician, and look for my doctor and dentist on the Internet. Additionally, it's on the Internet we have found our homes, keep track of the weather, look for free entertainment, and see what the traffic is like.

I don't have to eat out, go bowling, swimming, golfing, movies, or talk every day to everyone I know on the phone. Just give me my Internet and I will be just fine. I do not like to say addicted, but I don't think I can live without my friend the Internet.

What is it you cannot live without?

Are You Cooking More?

November 21st, 2009 at 11:04 pm

I've always cooked. However, now I'm cooking even more. Food has gotten expensive, so I continuously look for ways to save, cutback, and find better alternative ways to do things. There are three in my family. We spend around $300 a month on groceries, not including supplies. Not a little bit of money, but not a lot either. At this stage in my life I do not eat out much. Restaurant kitchens aren't always clean, neither are people's hands, and the luxury of dining out can add up. We probably eat out three times a month, spending around $30-40; using coupons at or

Below is how we save money on groceries and cooking.

1. Have a set amount each week budgeted for groceries, and stay within the amount.
2. Shop for food one day a week. Go through cabinets and refrigerator for inventory. Create a weekly menu, and purchase according to what is on the menu.
3. My husband goes to Wal-Mart for most items and then to Kroger for fruits and vegetable one day a week, like clock work.
4. Once a month I order groceries from For $52 I get enough meat, vegetables, fruits, starches, eggs, and dessert to last a couple of weeks. For us, there is enough meat to last over a month or so. We aren't big meat eaters.
5. I cook on Sundays and Wednesday, only. I usually cook 2-3 vegetables on both days. Also, I mix up pasta, casserole, roast with potatoes and vegetables using lots of garlic and onions, on the other days.

The benefits of cooking at home:

a) Our gas bill is only $21 a month, because I cook only two days a week. Our stove is gas the rest is electric.
b) We have good food in a clean kitchen made with clean hands.
c) We save a fortune by eating at home.
d) We eat healthier because I'm cooking using fresh ingredients from scratch, and not boxed or processed foods.
e) We are able to enjoy a meal together as a family at the table and talk.

Are you cooking more? If so, how has it benefited you?

Found any bargains lately?

November 12th, 2009 at 10:28 pm

The economy sucks, no doubt. But there are certainly many positives and blessings amongst all the misery. If you are still gainfully employed or not, there are tons of bargains and specials everywhere. Now is the time to get your finances in order, but also to take advantage of all those dog-gone bargains out there.

If you love eating out but money has been short lately, food at restaurants have been almost dirt cheap. There are coupons galore. Coupons for buy one get one free, lunches for $4.99, fine dining dinner entrees for less than $10.00, and kids eating free on Tuesdays and Sundays.

My brother and his wife just purchased a 4-day cruise on Carnival for $165 each. Resorts are having specials where you can get a room for two-nights for $159. The rooms were regularly $265 a night.

Car dealers are really trying hard to bring people in. Who ever heard of purchasing a car with interest rates as low as 2%? Or if you lose your job the dealer will make your payments for 6-months. Unbelievable car prices and unbelievable deals!

If you ever wanted to own a home, now is the time. Interest rates are at an all time low. Home prices have dropped nationally around 20%. Homes that would have cost $300,000 just two years ago now can be purchased in some areas for $199,000 or lower. Plus, if you are a first time home owner (haven't owned a home in the last 3-years based on Government standards), you can get an $8,000 refund credit on your taxes.

There are bargains everywhere. What bargains have you found in this economy?