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What Can't You Live Without?

November 28th, 2009 at 03:31 pm

I use to love to talk on the phone and watch television. Of course that was before the Internet. Now, I could care less if I talk on the phone (if it isn't business related). We are strange, we do not have cable so we get zero channels on our TV. I could actually live without a phone and TV, but if I had to go without the Internet for just one day, OMG, no!

With the Internet, I get connected to people and they connect with me. I get all of my news both local and worldwide from the Internet. Of course, I get all my Hollywood gossip there too. The phone and television were previous distractions, but the Internet has to be apart of my life and I consider it a friend.

Plus, the Internet has saved me tons of money by researching and getting the best deals. It's a great place to check reviews, comparison shop, and get the best discounts and specials. I'm all about saving money. I find my recipes, restaurant reviews, vacation packages, pay my bills, do my banking, find my landscaper, plumber, electrician, and look for my doctor and dentist on the Internet. Additionally, it's on the Internet we have found our homes, keep track of the weather, look for free entertainment, and see what the traffic is like.

I don't have to eat out, go bowling, swimming, golfing, movies, or talk every day to everyone I know on the phone. Just give me my Internet and I will be just fine. I do not like to say addicted, but I don't think I can live without my friend the Internet.

What is it you cannot live without?

6 Responses to “What Can't You Live Without?”

  1. crazyliblady Says:

    Well, that's a difficult one. I think I would have to say the internet, also. Another thing I can't do without is hot tea with stevia. Occasionally, I like to have a Coke, but I try to have that be a rare thing. I have made do without cable or satellite television service for about 9 years now. We don't even watch local broadcast tv. We do have Netflix service, which is nice, but I could definitely do without it or go down to a one-at-a-time plan. Going to a video store to rent videos is just too time consuming and totally not worth it. For the most part, we don't buy new dvds, either. We buy used ones at the previously viewed say at Blockbuster and also from Swapadvd. We have gone for years without buying new books. We borrow books through the library or get used ones through Paperbackswap, Bookmooch, or Alibris.

  2. wowitsawonderfullife Says:

    A year ago I would have said a Tim Horton's double double. But I've managed to get it down to once every two weeks. But take away my Tetley tea - I'd have to kill you!

  3. LuxLiving Says:

    Hellman's REAL mayonaisse, Kraft's American Cheese - NO NO NO - NO plastic cheese in individual plastic wrappers for me!! GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Coffee and tea are served sweet - I can live without both, but if you're serving? Stick in your pinkie, because I have a sweet tooth.

    Vornado fan running ALL night long in the bedroom year round, without exception - if perchance GOD FORBID and Heaven Help Us All, it's dies, somebody of the masculine persuasion herebouts is going to be hitting the 24 hour store to bring me one home and get it functional pronto burger style! Electrical outages are highly frowned upon. Then one must sleep nekkid w/windows open & in wrung out wet sheets if it's summertime in my neck of the woods. I don't do HOT and sleeping at the same time.

    Give me a tiny hut or a McMansion and I'll be fine either place IF there is good cold freon flowing from an air-conditioner. You breakie, I leavie!! I don't do HOT and waking at the same time.

    A book of some kind to read OR reading material via the internet. Either/OR, but life without readable matter, woe would be unsufferable me!!

  4. campfrugal Says:

    Coffee with flavored creamer in the morning, all by myself.

  5. Waterfall Says:

    My iPod Touch for sure. I'm amazed my husband isn't jealous. It could be because it makes me happy and calm.

  6. MaryJo Says:

    Coffee, PBS, and NPR

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