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I'm so thankful that I'm thankful

November 29th, 2008 at 03:21 pm

Thanksgiving was wonderful as usual. We went to Augusta, GA to spend time with my 4 brothers and sisters, and eight nieces and nephews that live in Georgia. The rest of my brothers and sisters (3) and parents live in Oregon/Washington area. Anyway, our tradition each year in Georgia is to spend Thanksgiving in Augusta at my sister's home. Like usual, we ate so much and it was so good. We all spent the night, woke up early, and cooked a huge breakfast. The breakfast, like usual, was incredible. What I love most is just the hanging out, laughing, talking, reminiscing, and time with a fun and loving family.

Then I started thinking about how thankful I am for the little things in my life. For my husband of 16 years, our daughter, a job, our homes, good health, food, transportation, a loving extended family, healthy parents, clothes, and money to pay bills. I'm just "thankful" for blessings that so many do not have. Yes, the blessings seem simple and basic, but what if you didn't have them? Yes, I am truly thankful that I'm thankful. And in this economy that is saying a whole lot!

Preparing for Christmas with No Debt?

November 16th, 2008 at 01:59 pm

I don't know how much you spend for Christmas, but more then anything I hope you don't get into debt. A time that should bring happiness and cheer, can be diminished because of debt.

For that reason, the best way to not get in debt during the holidays is to prepare at the beginning of the year, like January. That means changing your habits. The best method to achieve this is by developing a Christmas list in advance. Matter of fact, set up a saving's plan just for Christmas spending from January to November. Next, determine the amount you want to spend on gifts, and divide it by the number eleven. For example, if the shopping amount is $500.00 divide it by eleven, which is $45.45 per month. Lastly, set up a separate bank account to deposit the $45.45 automatically, or set the money aside in an envelope each month and hide it. If you stick to your plan, by December you will have $500.00 set aside for Christmas shopping!

A few additional ways to enjoy a debt-free Christmas is to use a piggy bank to store spare change. Let the money accumulate, then deposit it every month into a bank account. At the end of the year you will be surprised to see how much you have saved. Finally, use your God-given talents for gifts: bake goodies, do hand-made gifts, or cook a meal for a group of family or friends.

There are so many other ways to walk away debt free at Christmas. What ideas do you have?

The gift of time is free

November 9th, 2008 at 10:29 pm

Today is my 16th year anniversary and my daughter's 11th birthday. We actually celebrated my daughter's birthday yesterday and had a great time. We took her to see High School Musical 3, had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory, took her shopping for clothes, and brought her two finches as pets. Okay, that is way more than we usually spend on birthdays, but she's doing so good as a home schooler and becoming so responsible. We decided to do more than less.

Okay, so today is my anniversary, 16 wonderful years that went incredibly fast. My husband said, "Let's just give each other the gift of time." I thought what a wonderful idea -- time. And, it's free. So we have been enjoying the day reminiscing, laughing, talking, and just having "together" time, ah.

What I know for sure, having all the money in the world or receiving the most expensive gifts will not bring me happiness or keep a happy marriage and home.

Ah, the "simplicities of life" really do work!

Lower gas prices, Um...Election trick?

November 3rd, 2008 at 11:51 am

Yesterday after having a fun day out and about, we stopped to get gas. Surprisingly enough, the prices were quite low compared to just 3-weeks ago. Yes, $2.34 a gallon mid-range.

I told my husband 6-months ago that just before Election Day the prices would start dropping. And, yes they have! I've always felt the whole gas thing was rigged and crooked.

How low are your gas prices where you live? Do you feel the whole gas thing is rigged and crooked?