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Living for Needs not Wants

June 30th, 2008 at 09:56 pm

In 1991 when I lived in Puerto Rico, I discovered what my REAL needs were. I need a roof over my head, water, food, and good health. I couldn't get a job because I never got a phone. So a way to communicate would be nice.

Have you discovered what your absolute needs are to survive? Or have you been programmed like the rest of the world to believe your wants are your needs?

What would you say your absolute needs are?

2 Responses to “Living for Needs not Wants”

  1. gruntina Says:

    Family is my absolute need! There has been time where I needed shelter and could not provide myself along with food without the help of my family. Effort is needed to maintain relationship and loveto family, relatives and close friend.

    But down to the nitty gritty, my needs are a place to sleep, food and water.

    My hearing aid devices are expensive and they are not a need but can be pretty spooky not hearing anything when I am alone in the dark at night.

  2. klbb90 Says:

    When I was a poor, poor starving student I had to evaluate every need and find a way to meet them cheaply. I rented a room, walked to school and ate 2 skimpy meals a day. It made me realize I could live on very little if necessary.

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