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You Can Save Money on Food

July 1st, 2008 at 04:05 pm

Food is a HUGE expense for most people. Whether it's going out to eat, grocery shopping, or snacking. Food can be expensive. Do you know how much you spend weekly, monthly or yearly on food?

I love to eat, but I also love to save money. So I've discovered a system that allows me to do both.

First, I cook only twice a week (there are three in my family). On Sundays, I cook three one-dish meals, three vegetables, and a dessert. Takes me only 1.5 hours. I do not usually have to cook again for another 3-4 days. Go to for cooking ideas.

We go out to eat around once a week or week-and-a-half. But we use the "early bird" specials. Meaning at a fine-dining restaurant we can get a $20 entree for $10. Or we use two-for-one coupons. Also, go to to get coupons at more than half price to eat out.

Bottom line: eating is enjoyable! Nothing wrong with that. So how much do you spend on food monthly? Are you looking for ways to cutback? What are you doing to save on food?

2 Responses to “You Can Save Money on Food”

  1. dividingthedime Says:

    Great blog--I'm trying to stay inspired to save money. I have a family of 3 (husband, 19 year old son) and we save by using grocery store coupons (though not as many as I'd like), sales, and buying store brand or generic items if we can stand them. (Some are yuck, but some work out wonderfully.) I also went to a cash only system for food and opted not to use checks or debit/credit cards. My husband (stay-at-home, disability) does 99% of the cooking, but he's not a planner like you when it comes to menus and cooking less (I'm going to talk to him about this...hmmm...wish me well.) We rarely go out to eat, although my son will go out every day three times a day if he could (plus stop for snacks and milkshakes. He's the weakest link when it comes to saving money.) I don't feel deprived by not going out to eat, but he does, so I'm considering changing my stance on this for some 'together time'. The thought bugs me, because food is the main area where our budget appears to be flexible. Hate to increase it, now that I feel like I've cut down as much as I can. The best I've been able to do is keep the budget within $200 and $250 on groceries, maybe a maximum extra $50 on household supplies (cleaning, paper goods). Restaurant food varies...maybe averaging $20 to $40 a month for the 3 of us (or for my son to get a pizza and feel 'less deprived'). During the school year, I don't count the mean plan my son has at college. (See no evil...a kid in college has been a huge budget buster for me.) Still looking for ways to do better... Thanks for your entry.

  2. Lost in Debt Says:

    I save money on food; I go through the flyers weekly, cut coupons and plan meals around what is on sale. I also bought a small freezer so I can load up on sales items. This week boneless chicken breast was $1.89 a pound; I bought three packages and froze them. I bought a roasting chicken for $.89 a lb. too and I will cut that up and BBQ it on the grill. I buy meat when it is buy one and get one free. I'm also making plans next year to raise some chickens for eggs and meat and I'm planting a huge vegetable garden with lots of potatoes; they have gotten so expensive. I'm moving to my second home, which has two acres and rich soil; so I'm going to find some ways to save on the food budget by growing it myself and raising some chickens.

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