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Don't let debt ruin your relationship...

July 14th, 2008 at 01:14 pm

A few days ago I read an article that stated, "60% of couples fight about money." That number seems high, but my guess is that the percentage may be even higher. Debt or over spending really does take a toll on people emotionally and physically. And it brings to surface other underlying problems as well.

However, I don't want to dwell on the negative. I would much rather find solutions to overcome debt or money problems in relationships.

Here are a few suggestions.

- Realize in marriage you are a team, so as a team create a strategy to eliminate debt and spend wiser.

- Create a realistic plan. One that is doable and livable.

- Allow open and honest communication about your fears, strengths, weaknesses, and financial goals.

- Meet weekly to look at your progress, tweak the process, and get status reports.

Has debt or over spending caused problems in your relationship? What have you done to move pass it in order to move forward? If you've done nothing, what do you plan to do?

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  1. Aleta Says:

    Not just debt but buying in general. Our main TV will be 15 years old this year and really still working great because we bought a TV that year that was considered a best buy for the size that we bought.

    For a few months now, my husband has wanted to buy a larger TV and one of the newer ones, but I insisted that we pay for it in cash. I've done a lot of research and found a really good TV for the price. Only thing is that it doesn't have the new 120 Hz feature. He didn't know anything about that until I mentioned new features and a store employee told him about it. All of a sudden now, it's the new TV, the price to buy a wall mount, new cables, a new stand for the components and probably new speakers and of course the new charge at the satellite company for the new high def upgrade.

    This is a problem I have had with him for years. He knows I don't want something and then he just acts like he just wants a newer model. Once I say Ok, he then adds on things. It's like he is bating me. As far as I'm concerned, I could very easily do without that TV for now. I just can't justify paying that much to watch TV.

    While we were shopping, had a relative that was looking at the new washere and dryers at about $1200+ for just one. I think I had a little over $550. for both brand new (on sale). He liked them as well. I know that my frugalness must really cramp his style and I know that it aggravates some of my relatives but that's OK.

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