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I get $75 today to say what I think

August 1st, 2008 at 03:04 pm

Today I'm going to a focus group for 90 minutes. Fridays are usually my slow day, so this opportunity came up and I took it.

About 3 times a year I'll do a "focus group," which means a face-to-face survey to find out what you think. They do not sell you anything, you get refreshments, and a check or cash when you leave. I've gotten as much as $150 for 90 minutes. Focus groups can be 45 minutes to usually 2 hours. You can make as much as $200 or sometimes more.

So today, it will take a couple of hours out of my day including drive time, but it's worth it. I usually meet other nice business professionals, eat a few snacks, and walk away with quick easy cash. I even met a girl in college that makes her living only doing focus groups. I'm only signed up with one company, but she was signed up with alot. She said it's the only way she makes her living. I guess, depending on how busy they keep you, you could easily make $400-$500 a week for a few hours. Can't beat that.

Have you ever done a focus group before?

3 Responses to “I get $75 today to say what I think”

  1. Myrtle Says:

    No I have never been in a focus group. How would I find information on any that might be in area? (Ohio)

  2. sharmanl Says:

    The company I go through is I heard if you go to you can get a list of a number of companies to do focus groups. I back from the focus group. It was actually fun, and I got my $75.

  3. koppur Says:

    Thanks for the website!! Smile

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