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I'm drinking more water for my health & to save

August 20th, 2008 at 06:17 pm

Okay, everyone knows we need water to live, right? I mean, water is what makes our bodies operate. Soda and juice habits can be expensive, and can do damage to your body. So I suppose water is the answer, and I'm not talking about bottled water either.

People drink bottled water because they feel it is safer. We're told and programmed to believe that bottled water is cleaner, safer, and healthier. However, a study that did a comparison of tap and bottled found that there was no difference.

Well, you know I'm all about saving money and being healthy. I do not necessarily like bottled or tap. Bottled water was costing us about $10-15 a month. Now, we use filters on our tap faucet and our water pitcher. We have double filtered water. It probably saves us around $90 a year. What is most important, we feel we have made steps to have safer, cleaner, healthier water on our terms.

Do you drink water? What do you do to save money and have healthier water?

3 Responses to “I'm drinking more water for my health & to save”

  1. disneysteve Says:

    We have always used tap water. I think bottled water is the biggest marketing scam ever perpetrated on this country. I am amazed how people have bought into it with such gusto, paying ridiculous amounts for something that is available for free all around them.

    We have a water cooler in our kitchen. I bought a 5 gallon jug from the water company and just keep refilling it with tap water. We've done that for years and years.

    In restaurants, we almost always order just tap water to drink. I can't see paying as much for one Coke as I can buy a 12-pack of cans for at the supermarket. Water is healthier and way cheaper.

    Unless you live in some 3rd world country, bottled water is a scam.

  2. Broken Arrow Says:

    I forgot exactly who, but a major company that supplies a popular bottled water have publically admitted that their water is from local tap water.

    So, the test results here are not surprising to me.

    But yes, what's surprising is the fact that people are willing to pay a premium for this, even IF it's some kind of mountain spring water from the Andes mountains.

    What's more, the plastic used in these bottles are extremely ecologically unsound, and yet, they are made to be disposable!

    Expensive AND bad for the environment!

  3. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Tap water for me, too, thank you.

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