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New prices at restaurants are highway robbery

August 22nd, 2008 at 08:34 pm

I went to my favorite bbq restaurant today. About every two months I purchase a discount coupon for $12.50 that is valued at $25.00, and I meet my sister for lunch. She lives over an hour away, and it's a half-way point, and it's a nice treat for her.

Our favorite bbq restaurant's food is outstanding, and the prices are very affordable. However, for the last year we have been anticipating their move to a new location. They have been renovating the building for probably a year. I'm very happy for their success. However, yesterday evening when I went to their website, they had a new website. It was beautiful, classy, and they had new menus.

Then I noticed the prices had increased significantly. I mean, the combo that was $13.00 with two sides was now $18.00 with only one side order. The grilled tilapia with two sides that was $11.00 was now $17.00 with one side order. Even the kidís meal went from $3.00 to $6.00 and the drink was no longer included. We would have to pay $1. The new menu has appetizers now. The chips and salsa/guacamole is $10.00. Crab w/spinach and artichokes is $12.00. Geez, is my bbq joint becoming a fine dining place without my permission?

I called my sister to give her the bad news. We felt sad, because they had now priced us out of their market. Lunch was still affordable, but the drink that was included in the $8.95 price would cost an extra $1.49. Thank God, they have not moved to the new building. They are still using the old prices.

However, we are disappointed because we know the move is coming and it will be rare or never that we will go there.

Have you noticed some of your favorite eatery prices escalating to unreasonable rates? Can you share your experience?

2 Responses to “New prices at restaurants are highway robbery”

  1. Aleta Says:

    Take out Pizza has really gone up. You're talking about a $5. extra charge. We just rarely go out anymore. I know that restaurants are have been hit hard with the prices but not $5. They usually make up their losses on drinks and especially wine by the glass.

    My husband and I can actually go to a restaurant and share a plate plus maybe an extra appetizer or salad.

  2. fern Says:

    Yeah, those price increases seem pretty steep. I'm guessing they'll lose some business, especially at a time like this when most people are cutting back on eating out.

    I don't eat out much, but i do occasionally indulge at the only "fast food" i eat, Boston Market. I think they hiked the "quarter chicken with 2 sides" meal by another buck, so now it's $7.99 not including the drink.

    In addition to food prices rising at the supermarket, they're doing sneaky things, like DECREASING the amount of food you're getting in the package. Seems they figure you may not notice a smaller size as quickly as you'd notice a price increase.

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