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We spent $22 on gas for our car this month

August 29th, 2008 at 06:35 pm

I couldn't believe it when my husband told me that we only spent $22 on gas this month. Yes, we still have two more days left, but geez we still have over a 1/2 a tank left in the car. I know it's unusual, and it is for us too. However, when we decided in June to home school our daughter, and go down to one car to save money, who would have thought.

Okay, I admit most people do have to leave the house. But I work from home, our daughter's piano class is 10 minutes away, our bank is 2 minutes away, and the grocery store is 10 minutes away. We go to church once a week, which is 25 minutes away, and we always do everything to avoid traffic. My goodness, we live in the burbs of Atlanta, and it is pure "traffic hell" at certain times.

Anyway, to think I'm excited about having paid $22 for a 1/2 of a tank of gas, when it used to cost us $12 to fill up the whole tank. We will probably fill up the gas tank on Sunday, because the gas station on the way from church has the cheapest gas. My husband will only put the medium grade gas in our car.

How much do you spend on gas each month, and have you done anything drastic to cut down on gas expenses for your car(s)?

5 Responses to “We spent $22 on gas for our car this month”

  1. Myrtle Says:

    We have spent about $220. We have two cars and live about 12 miles out in the country. My husband travels about 20 miles roundtrip to work each day. I am a full time homemaker. Both tank are pretty well full though right now, so that will take us well into September. I make one or two trips in town each week, plus we make three trips to church each week. I enjoy living in the country but it does cost us more gasoline!!

  2. seven of seven Says:

    I spend about $50/tank (have to buy premium) and fill up about 2x/month - sometimes more. I used to fill up every week, but have taken to car pooling to work most days.

  3. gruntina Says:

    My husband and I each pay $500 a month in gas so that is $1000 a month!! I know that is an eye popper but that is the price we are willing to pay to live up in the mountains in paradise.

    When push comes to shove, we will have to think of something else. (me as a sahm... wink!)

  4. Jkiku808 Says:

    I usually spend about $130/mo in gas, but started catching the bus this month and have spent only $50 this month.

  5. fern Says:

    Here's what i spent on gas in the last 3 months:
    June: $105
    July: $114
    August: $86

    I was carpooling to work with my neighbor for the past 2 months, but that's over now as my hours have changed so i'm anticipating having to pay more. However, I'm getting pretty good at "hypermiling" and im averaging about 40 mpg with my Civic. Basically, I take back roads to work so i never need to drive faster than 50 miles per hous. Plus, i avoid braking whenever possible; instead of accelerating to a light or stop sign, i look ahead and anticipate stops so I "glide" to a stop gently.

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