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We got 10 magazines for free

September 15th, 2008 at 06:38 pm

I stopped buying magazines years ago. However, whenever I would visit friends and family, instead of talking, I spent my time devouring their magazines. I absolutely love to read.

Then one day Delta Airlines sent me a letter saying 14,000 of my frequent flyer miles had expired. Huh? Because I had not accumulated new miles in three years. However, I still had 4,000 miles left. I was mad as I don't know what. Also, my husband and daughter had around 4,000 miles each, too.

I had an idea, we'll use up all the points and get something we want. Well, the only thing we had enough points for were magazines. Now, we get around 10 magazines a month. I love laying in bed just reading. The best part, it didn't cost me a dime. I now have enough reading material to last until I retire.

Do you know ways besides the library to get free magazines?

2 Responses to “We got 10 magazines for free”

  1. mom-from-missouri Says:

    Our doctors office gives away the issues that are last months when they get the current issues. They have a "free" table in the entry way. They put medical brochures and info about exercise and such on the table as well.

  2. fern Says:

    Well, like you, i've used my usually low accumulations of frequent flyer miles to redeem for free magazine subscriptions, but i haven't flown anywhere since way before 9/11, so that route is out now.

    If you like Better Homes & Gardens, they often have deals where you buy 1 year, get 3 free, and the price seems very reasonable.

    I used to give my old mags to mother and sister, but now they say they don't have time to read them; then i started leaving them on the "free" shelf at the library, but i wondered if those who took them would recycle them. Since recycling is importnat to me, i now don't give away my mags anymore and recycle them myself.

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