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Having to pay for parking really sucks

September 22nd, 2008 at 05:06 pm

Yesterday my family went to the Tennessee Aquarium for a quick one-day get away. When we arrived we needed parking. Surprisingly enough, there was alot of spaces available in the paid lots and on the street.

I told my husband parking on the street was free because if was Sunday. Of course he didn't believe me, and decided to ask a local person. Well, the local person told him parking wasn't free on the street. So my husband spent 10-15 minutes driving around to see how much different lots were charging. One was charging $8 for the day, another $5 for the day, and another $4 every 1.5 hours.

I kept assuring my husband the meter actually said "parking was free on Sunday," but that wasn't good enough either. Then my husband went inside a restaurant to ask. Yeap, she said, "parking was free on Sundays."

Finally, we found a spot right in front of the Aquarium on the street for free.

The moral of the story. Husband's listen to the counsel of your wives, and don't always go with the first parking lot price. The price is always cheaper somewhere else.

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