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What are you doing to cutback on spending?

October 9th, 2008 at 07:44 pm

Wow...times are pretty rough for most people. If you have not made adjustments to your way of life by now, I'm not sure what to say. We're frugal, but we've become even more frugal since June. These are a few things we've changed since June.

- went down to one car instead of two
- home school our daughter (hubby does that)
- have limit our 1-2 hour one-day-get-aways to once a month or every other
- haven't went on as many 2-4 day vacations. Have only went twice this year. Usually go 4-5 times.
- go out to eat around two times a month with coupons
- eat more salad and soup dishes with very little meat
- pay bills online or via phone to cut down on stamps
- our entertainment is more parks, walks, board games, and videos
- do not go out of our area to visit people, mainly talk on the phone
- do more home-churching than going to church (been doing that for years anyway)

What have you done to cutback on spending?

5 Responses to “What are you doing to cutback on spending?”

  1. Koppur Says:

    We have cut down on eating out, started putting a "mandatory" 10% of all income into the bank, stopped using air conditioners and heat and instead open windows and curl up in blankets while watching tv or wearing swert-shirts when we are cold, walking more places instead of driving, limiting errands to one trip per day, ultimately to be 2 trips per week.

  2. whitestripe Says:

    instead of having coffee three times a week with a friend, we go and have a swim at the beach two days a week and have coffee once a week.
    shopping at the markets (been doing that for ages anyway)
    BF is buying me a bike for my birthday - riding to the shops instead of driving (it's a bit too far to walk)

  3. nance Says:

    Cooking virtually all meals from scratch, with ingredients purchased on sale.
    I go to a store that marks 85 per cent lean hamburger half price a day or so before the "sell by" date. You have to get there before 9:00 A.M. though.
    We haven't used the air conditioner or heat for weeks, but we are expecting snow this weekend! We will bring firewood to the porch today to use in the two wood stoves.
    I buy most of my clothing from Goodwill, and only buy quality brands like Eddie Bauer, Ralph Lauren, and LL Bean. I get all of our jeans when they have 99 cents jeans sales. I find great brands, in like new, or even new.
    I limit my tv watching to a few hours at night. I get books from the library, or purchase some paperbacks at Goodwill on half price sales. When I am done reading them, I take them to a used book store for credit toward more books. The books cost from fifty cents to a dollar at Goodwill, and I get a credit of 25 per cent of the original price at the used book store. I purchase paperback books that average 12 to 14 dollars, retail at GW.
    I gave up soft drinks and drink water. I limit my driving to two days a week, and combine all errands on those days. I have to drive those two day, or I would limit it to one day a week.
    I go on line to check which stations in the neighborhood, have the lowest prices on gasoline, and fill up at the station with the best price.
    I shop for Christmas and birthday gifts all year, and especially after the holidays at big clearance sales.
    I try to make gifts too.
    I sought out low cost spay/neuter and immunization clinics for the dogs. Two of them were strays that we adopted. Every Creature Counts also has a low cost dental program for dogs and cats. I just got an estimate of $555.00 for dental care for my elderly dog, and Every Creature Counts has a program within 45 miles of home, that charges between $40.00 and $100.00.
    We don't go out much, so we have cable, but we don't pay for any movie channels. We bought a Roku unit, and can get movies free from Netflix, using that unit.
    My cell phone is used exclusively for long distance calls. The program I use is $29.99 a month and has no roaming charges and unlimited weekend calls and 300 anytime minutes a month. I never go over on the minutes allowed.
    We have a garden, a small orchard, and preserve our food.
    We have two freezers, and a large well-stocked pantry.
    I participate in Walgreen's rebate program, but get only the things we need and use, and get the gift cards because it adds 10 per cent. I use the gift card each month, so I don't have to pay out cash.
    I DON'T use credit cards.
    I use a cash envelope system for groceries. When it's gone, it is gone, so one tends to avoid buying things that aren't necessary. I bake cakes and cookies, and fruit breads, so we do have more than enough in the "treats" category.
    I do a lot more, but that is a partial list.

  4. SicilyYoder Says:

    Nance- I like all of your ideas- are you a member here? I couldn't link to your site.
    As for me, I have bene cooking today- packing our lunch for tomorrow- I gave up soda about 3 weeks ago- and am actually doing well. I shop at Goodwill and yard sales.

  5. dividing the dime Says:

    I've cut down like this:
    Changed two of my prescriptions to generic (saved about $23 a month).
    I run the majority of my errands on the way home from work since I drive by several stores and a supermarket. (Try not to drive on Saturdays, but that hasn't worked out as well as I'd hoped. I do drive a lot less on Saturdays then I used to.)
    My spouse does all the cooking and I do all the grocery shopping, but we just recently planned a 6-week menu of all our basic meals.
    We probably eat out once a month. Or not. It's lunch out rather than dinner. Or all you can eat buffet.
    I clip more coupons and use more easy saver cards and register rewards (Walgreens) than I used to.
    Don't use the credit card except for planned travel.
    Try to use the debit card for gas only.
    Use cash envelopes for groceries, household items, clothing, and entertainment.
    Pay some bills by phone.
    Stop the gas pump at $30 each time I fill-up and try to make it last for 7 days. (Some weeks are better than others.)
    Buy the majority of my clothing at thrift stores and Good Will. (I've always done this. Love the hunt!)
    Re-heeled my shoes at a shoe repair place.
    Turn off all power strips in my house at night before bed.

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