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Are You Happy?

May 10th, 2010 at 02:06 pm

Iím choosing to be happy no matter what the cost. Being happy is a learned process and behavior. It can be daunting at times. However, it is better then the alternative Ė misery. Sure everything isnít perfect, and people and situations still get on my nerves. Nevertheless, Iím learning to take control of my emotions, feelings, and choices. No more will I allow them to determine my daily outcomes. Happiness is a choice and I choose to live and dwell in happiness.

It doesnít mean my choice to be happy is easy. Matter of fact, at times it can be pretty darn hard. However, Iíve rearranged my life, home, and time to fit my new objective -- happiness. Wow, what a difference a day makes when your goal is to enjoy instead of destroy everything youíve been blessed with.

When negative thoughts come Iím trying to dwell on what is good and pleasant in my life. When pessimistic feelings and emotions try to take a stronghold, I think about how I am so blessed to have my health, strength, and my ďrightĒ mind. I'm blessed to have my husband and daughter and to be here for them.

My happiness means Iím reading less of the news, and thank God I donít have television to steal my hope, joy, and dreams. In spite of this economy and the doom and gloom that is presented to us daily, I can truly say I am content and happy. I love where I am in my life. Iím happy with my choices. And, Iím excited to wake up each day to see where my life-journey takes me. Happiness is truly a choice worth choosing.

What about you, are you happy?

8 Responses to “Are You Happy?”

  1. mrs Says:

    I like this post. I am happy. My family has their health and happiness. We have a roof over our heads, food in our stomaches, clothes on our back. We enjoy the things that we have - going out to eat isn't a need, but when we have the money (and coupons) we have a great time.

    We are having Baby #7 (our sixth surviving child) in November. It is easy to become swayed by the overwhelming "How will you be able to afford this child" reaction from a lot of folks. But I need to stop and remind myself that God has provided for us this far, and that things will be ok. As a result, I am happy.

  2. sharmanl Says:

    Mrs, you are so right. We had 8 kids in my family, my Mom stayed home, and my Dad left a good government job to do his non-profit full-time. Everyone thought he was nuts, but God provided. We weren't rich by any means, but all went to private schools, never went hungry, took yearly vacations, and my parents paid off their home when I was 18 and they were in their 40's. People will always have an opinion on your decisions. Be content knowing you are doing God's will for whatever "season" you are in. That brings happiness!

  3. Miz Pat Says:

    Gosh, this was a slam in the gut. Let's see - I'm divorced so I'm not terrified any more. But happy. Yes, sometimes, but its work. I'm working towards financial goals, which gives me a sense of self-worth, but happy....I don't know. I suffer from depression, which I fight on several levels, and I am grateful for all I have, and for my freedom, but I don't know if I can say that I'm happy. Maybe I'm waiting for some future event to occur (and of course, its never the future, its always NOW). Must think about this.

  4. MonkeyMama Says:

    I'm a happy person. I appreciate that my brain is hard wired for optimism, though. I am surrounded by a lot of depression in my family, and experienced it with pregnancy (wow - what a life lesson!). I try not to take it for granted, and know it doesn't come so easily to most people.

    I don't know if my TV steals hope, joys and dreams. Big Grin To me, it is just a form of entertainment. Of course, the average person doesn't understand the ideas of "moderation" and "personal responsibility" in this day and age. It's just my pet peeve when "things" are villified because people misuse them.

  5. NJDebbie Says:

    Thanks for this post; I needed to hear this today. I'm usually a happy go lucky person, but I'm also, in my opinion, overly sensitive. I have to work on that.

    Mrs don't pay attention to what people have to say. A baby is gift from heaven and you'll be just fine. Congrats on your pregnancy.

  6. Broken Arrow Says:

    I'm quite sure this is just a matter of semantics, but "no matter what the cost" of anything concerns me.

    My ex-wife also chooses to be happy no matter what the cost. And she did it at the cost of not only our marriage, but she also jeopardized our children's sense of safety and stability for years.

    Again, I'm sure that's not what you meant when you said that, but because of my own personal issues with it, I just wanted to point out that "no matter what the cost" can indeed come with a cost. The cost of unintended consequences.

  7. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Yesterday I woke up to find my newest garden had been vandalized. This makes about 15(!) times now that I've had major garden vandalism. (The worst was when the city bull-dozed it.) I was sad and had some vengeful thoughts --but overall I had a great day. I spent most of it working in my other garden and was so pleased with my stamina, which otherwise seems to have been on a serious decline lately. Part of that time my DH played his flute sitting under the pergola next to the vegetable garden while I weeded the onions. He always likes to claim that the birds come to hear him play and I laugh about that, but sure enough, a goldfinch showed up and perched on the powerline. How could we not be cheered by that? Then, my husband successfully cooked 3 potatoes in the solar oven he had just finished making! I was so excited about that! So excited and happy!....We were out in the car briefly and I saw waves of tall grasses blowly softly in the wind. Oh, I love that. I love to sit for a rest in my garden, too, and see the plants move ever so slightly in the wind, carefree yellow flowers atop the mustard greens, the waggling leaves on the gooseberries, the lightly bobbling purple sage flowers. I feel honored to be there to see such quiet beauty.

    I am happier now than ever before. I don't think I can do much to will myself into happiness, but I do find happiness in some things that are almost universally accessible....And then maybe I can think about this atrocious Gulf oil spill or the invasion of Iraq. Ugh.

  8. sharmanl Says:

    Broken Arrow, "no matter what the cost" for me means doing what I have to do to change "me," my attitude, outlook, perspective, surroundings, and rearranging my time to be in a happy state of mind. I guess the above phrase can be a positive or negative depending on who is reading it, their personal experience, and their current circumstance. For me, happiness is being content with small blessings, like JoanoftheArch stated. In spite of the wars, gulf spills, floodings, and horrible things happening in the world. In spite of what's ugly, it's saying "Wow, look at that little bird, I have extra money to go to the movies, my car is working, I'm unemployed but I have food and shelter; I'm divorced but I'm still hear breathing." Thankfulness, regardless of the unexpected and the unknown, can create happiness if we choose to allow it.

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