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Are You Content?

April 17th, 2011 at 10:17 pm

People love to be negative and complain about their life, children, job, marriage, debt, or just about anything. Matter of fact, rarely do you find an advocate for contentment and thankfulness in our busy lives. Thank God we can choose to listen or tune out negativity and constant complainers. Whining and complaining doesn't change conditions, circumstances, or people. Only when we learn to be thankful and content regardless of the situation, by focusing on what is good in our lives, will things start to change.

Stop Negativity - Negative thoughts come every day, but choosing how you respond to them is the key. If negative thoughts control your daily behavior, think on whatever is good about your job, relationship, life, health, height, hair, weight, home, car, child, and finances. Then breath in, exhale, and relax! It’s a great feeling to be thankful and content. It puts you in a mindset of "counting your blessings."

Stop Competing - Contentment stops you from competing with friends, family, and co-workers. You can be frugal, content, and not care what others think or say. Contentment allows you to enjoy and appreciate what you have without feeling guilty and ashamed. Content individuals do not constantly chase after things, but prepares, and watch blessings and opportunities unfold in due season. Content people are happy for other’s success, joys, and accomplishments. Being content brings sound sleep, better health, less stress, and can save you a whole lot of money by just being satisfied and okay.

Be Thankful - Are you content with your spouse, singleness, home, car, earnings, gift, raise, or salary? Someone somewhere has it worst or better than you, but does it really matter? Are you thankful for what you do have? Can you be grateful in spite of your current situation? Situations get hard and feel hopeless at times, but no one said having a “thankful” heart is easy. Matter of fact, at times being thankful can seem nearly impossible, because life can bring some heavy unexpected blows. However, at the end of the day being thankful is what brings joy and strength.

Contentment Takes Time – Being a content person takes practice, patience, and perseverance. It means getting rid of the negative mindset, behaviors, and feelings, and replacing those negatives with feelings of fulfillment, satisfaction, and gladness. The journey to contentment involves taking small practical steps; practicing patience while waiting to hear God’s clear direction, and still persevering to reach your goal, destiny, and purpose.

Let me be very clear, being content doesn’t mean you’ve given up, stopped trying, or give in to feelings of failure. Contentment means you’re okay and alright until your opportunity, open-door, or blessing comes. One thing I know for sure, “A happy (content) heart makes the face cheerful.” Proverbs 15:13 – I couldn’t have said it better myself.

So, what about you, do you find it hard to be content?

3 Responses to “Are You Content?”

  1. ceejay74 Says:

    I think I'm an odd mix of optimist and pessimist. I can be pretty pessimistic about the overall future, and caught up in moments of negativity about present situations. But I feel overall I'm able to enjoy life, and I believe it should be everyone's overriding purpose. So I always try to get myself to let go of negative emotions. Not turn a blind eye to them, but acknowledge without dwelling.

    It's taken conscious practice to get good at this. I was naturally the type to hold on to old grievances, and obsess over things that weren't going the way I wanted. I feel very lucky that I was able to train myself out of that mindset to some degree.

  2. Tracy Knight Says:

    Learning to be content is definately a process. I believe that being mindful of situations around me has helped me to be more content and less likely to complain. Despite any circumstances, I know that things could always be much worse, so it's better to thank God for the many blessings and keep it moving...

  3. Jerry Says:

    I think that this idea of constantly competing is really unhealthy and it leads people to never feel truly satisfied. There will ALWAYS be people with more or "better" things, so it is impossible to keep up with the Joneses when there are always more Joneses to keep up with! The best insurance against this is to find our worth in a more lasting way, in things that truly matter over the long haul.

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